Women's Ministries

We are the Women's Ministry of the Clarkston Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Our goal is to serve the Lewis-Clark Valley, both spiritually and physically. Look below for events, both old and new.

Ladies Lunch


Girls, let's meet at Mod Pizza (600 21st St. Lewiston) on Wednesday, August 14 at noon! We're all going "Dutch," meaning we all buy our own lunch. Everyone can make the pizza best for them (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free! Bring a friend and let's have a great time!

Hospitality Beyond Entertainment

by Dixie Hunt

On Wednesday, June 13, women of our church gathered to hear Dixie Hunt. She related personal stories that helped shape her philosophy on hospitality and shared scripture that showed us the  importance  of providing  for the needs of others, whether the need be physical, spiritual, or emotional. She also described many different ways to entertain, ranging from the elegant to the very simple and how to pull it off.  

Although being prepared by having enough food, having our homes spotless and having enough space for people, etc. are very nice, these are not necessary for meeting the needs and enjoyment of  fellowship.

Spending time together over a meal does 5 things: 1. bonds hearts, 2. reduces criticism, 3. creates unity, 4. encourages fellowship and 5. builds the health of our entire church and  individual members.

The meals and the fellowship were fantastic! We all enjoyed 4 different versions of a spaghetti dinner: 1. elegant; 2. prepared; 3. unprepared, and 4.very casual perspective. “Go bless and be blessed”

Veteran's Day Cards

On May 12, about 17 woman gathered to make Thank You cards for the veterans at the Veterans Home in Lewiston. The women made about 70 beautiful cards.

A special thank you to Sharon Thulon for teaching us how to make the cards and providing the supplies. And to Judy Butenschoen for bringing her bountiful supply of card-making